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Grenlec Year In Review 2020

  Energising our Grenada through challenging times 2020 Year in Review Amid the challenges our nation faced in 2020, we are proud to have worked with our customers, shareholders and social partners to do our part in keeping our nation running strong. Together, we adapted and carried on with a positive, united spirit. Managing Electricity

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Understanding Your Bill – Part 3

    Use the Bill to Manage Your Energy Usage and Billing Details Understanding Your Electricity Bill: Part 3 of 3 Watch The Video Your bill shows how much energy you have used every month over the last 8 months. Track your usage to see how changes in your activities can impact your electricity bill.

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Understanding Your Bill – Part 2

Important dates and numbers to know     Understanding Your Electricity Bill: Part 2 of 3 Important Dates and Numbers to Know     How to read your bill:   1. Due Date Date by which full payment is due. Not all bills are due at the end of the month.   2. Use Grenlec Access

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Understanding Your Bill – Part 1

    How bills are calculated Understanding Your Electricity Bill, Part 1 of 3 Watch the video How bills are calculated Your electricity bill contains important information to help you understand the value of what you are paying for each month. We’ve outlined the charges that make up your bill. 1. Non-Fuel Charge Grenlec cost

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Pole Relocation

      Please contact Grenlec three months in advance. Do You Need Grenlec to Move a Pole? Watch Video  5 Steps for Pole Relocation: Customer completes Grenlec application to relocate pole, at least three months in advance. Grenlec assesses to find a new location for the pole. Relocating a pole may require moving other

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Temporary Connections

    For New Construction and Renovation Projects How to Apply for a Temporary Electricity Connection View Application If you’re planning a new construction or renovation project and need a temporary electricity connection, use Grenlec’s Service Application Checklist for easy, timely service. Everything you need to know and do is listed by the service request marked

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Government Inspectorate Unit Requirements

    Getting electricity service when you need it. How to Get Electricity Service in 5 Easy Steps 1.   Plan for Energy: Design for safety and energy efficiency. Secure planning approval. Advise Grenlec during the planning phase if project is extensive or requires new infrastructure. 2.   Download Service Application Checklist as a Guide. 3.   Wire or

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United We Stand

  Celebrating Grenada’s 47th Anniversary of Independence Grenlec Presents “United We Stand” Independence Designer Displays Celebrate our nation’s 47th Anniversary of Independence as we present our “United We Stand” Independence Designer Displays, each uniquely created by a featured designer, at our Customer Care Centres in St. George, Grenville, Carriacou, and Grand Anse. View the 2021 Displays

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Moving forward in unity to build a stronger nation-GRENLEC’s Lantern Floral Exposition

This year, GRENLEC’s Lantern Floral Exposition has utilised Grenada’s flora and fauna to create another set of beautiful displays to observe Grenada's Independence. Grenada's 2015 Independence celebration theme is “Moving forward in unity to build a stronger nation”. Consequently, the Lantern Exposition draws from the Japanese Ikebana tradition that promotes the concept of oneness with

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GRENLEC and GTAWU Sign 6-Year Agreement – press release

Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. (GRENLEC) is pleased to announce the signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Company and the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union. The Agreement, signed on 2 February, covers the period 1 January, 2012 to 31 December, 2017. Collin Cover, GRENLEC’s General Manager, says the Company is satisfied that all

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